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Pb after upgrading virtuemart 3.0.14 --> 3.0.18

Started by cat1910, October 13, 2016, 20:18:11 PM

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On a Joomla 3.6.2 website, when upgrading virtuemart 3.0.14 --> 3.0.18 I had an error message :

Duplicate column name 'oc_note' SQL=ALTER TABLE `#__virtuemart_orders` CHANGE COLUMN `customer_note` `oc_note` varchar(20000) NOT NULL DEFAULT "" COMMENT 'old customer notes'
Component : error on installation"

The shop is working online... but at the last step for paying, there is an error page with error 1054 and no explication.
I think that files had been updated, but I wonder if the database has been updated.
What can I do...? Could you help ?

Thank you,

GJC Web Design

an odd error..  maybe u already have the change to oc_notes done? customer notes have been moved from orders to order_userinfos table -- the old field is renamed

and what is the error at checkout?  Try vm debug or joomla debug to find the actual error

have u tried the VM admin tools-> table updater .. ONLY THAT!!!

Install or if necessary update tables
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OK, I deleted the field "customer notes" in the table "virtuemart_orders", and then I've been able to reinstall VM and VM AIO.
Everything is OK now.
Thanks for your quick response.