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Error redirect loop

Started by lgiulio, June 24, 2016, 20:44:10 PM

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I use joomla 3.5.1 e VM 3.0.16.

When I add in the configuration, language setting an new language, errore redirect loop e the web site not work.

I noticed that on the server in virtuemart folder , there is only language en - GB

How can I fix?

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r u adding the joomla and VM lang and enabling both?
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Hi, i have a similar problem with J. 3.6 & VM 3.0.16.

I followed step by step the tutorial at and the webinar to set up multilanguage e-shop with two languages ,english and greek.
The problem is that the greek default homepage redirects to the english homepage. This does not happen if i disable the "Use URL Rewriting" at global configuration.
So i think it has not to do with VM but with some joomla bug.
Has anybody set up a multilanguage shop without any third party extension that worked without problems?


Do you have  Plugins: System - Language Filter enabled in Joomla?
Non-English Shops: Are your language files up to date?


Yes i have, i tested with all options, no success. I will try again today with fresh install because last time it was a quickstart template package.

Today i made a fresh installation of joomla and i have noticed in the last step of the installation there is a message that says "Important if you make multilanguage site" right of the option "No sample data". So i guess, if someone wants a multilanguage site, has to decide it before he starts to build the site.

And another hint: i think for a correct virtuemart non-english e-shop you have to make some actions in specific order, like:
1. Install Joomla
2. Install additional language packages that you want to use
3. Create content languages
4. Install Virtuemart
5. Install Virtuemart languages


Have you made any customization/changes in .htaccess located at the root of your site?
Are you using any 3rd party SEF URL extension?

QuoteHas anybody set up a multilanguage shop without any third party extension that worked without problems?

You do not need any 3rd party extension to setup a multilingual site. You first need to make sure that you have setup Joomla! correctly. It is more than just installing the language pack and creating new contents. Here is nice tutorials on multilingual Joomla! site -


I think i made all correctly.
I have a menu in greek which is set as default language for joomla and a mirror menu in english. I made the associations between the two menus and everything is working fine except when i try to switch to the english home page which is a virtuemart frontpage and i get this error:
Table 'my-database-name.#__virtuemart_vendors_en_gb' doesn't exist SQL=SELECT `#__virtuemart_vendors`.* ,`#__virtuemart_vendors_en_gb`.* FROM `#__virtuemart_vendors` INNER JOIN `#__virtuemart_vendors_en_gb` using (`virtuemart_vendor_id`) WHERE `#__virtuemart_vendors`.`virtuemart_vendor_id` = "1"

So i suppose virtuemart creates only the tables for the language that is set as default in the moment of the VM installation.

Finally i made english default language and reinstalled VM over the current installation and the problem solved. :)