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Virtuemart Product Price Drop Notification

Started by prakash.sahu, January 19, 2016, 16:50:06 PM

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      Dear Community

      here I present a simple new extension ""

Short Description

This impressive add-on helps in maintaining customer's interest in user's marketplace. It provides services that allows buyers to get email alerts whenever products are available at lower prices. By using this add-on any customer can subscribe to products for price drop alert. So whenever there is a price drop for a product, an email is generated and send to subscribed customers acting as a notifying mail. Hence by using this extension buyers can get their desired product at lower than normal price..


  • Option of mail templates for notification of price drop is available.
  • One click unsubscription facility available with customer.
  • Subscriber log entry deletion or maintenance can be easily managed at admin end.
  • Whenever price of the product goes down then subscriber of that product will receive an automatic email notification.
  • Customers can easily set alerts for their desired products by providing name and email address and can get the best deals.


  • Ability to continually adjust prices of products to undercut competitors gives a competitive advantage.
  • Whenever desired product hits the price that can be afforded, customer can rush and order it without tracking the drop in prices for their desired product.
  • From customer's end very useful, powerful way to save your money.
  • Easy at Admin end to target & communicate with potential customers looking for a price drop.
  • Customers will enjoy the convenience of receiving auto generated mail each time product price goes down.
  • Will increase the urge of purchasing among customers.

Please click here to check the demo ""

We will be glad for any comments..

Thank you