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eQuate Point Of Sale for Virtuemart 2.x

Started by eQuatePOS, March 29, 2014, 18:11:54 PM

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Virtuemart + Store Front Point Of Sale

When researching the market for other POS software that would successfully sync with a Virtuemart store, there weren't many choices available; usually a simple POS clients with the ability to sell the product from the store, but that was pretty much it. What about if you wanted to offer coupons? discounts? gift cards? purchase orders? multiple stores? There wasn't much of a selection that offered an all-in-one type solution.

For the past year, eQuate has been successfully deployed in over 15 countries, providing business owners with easy reporting, cashier management, invoice management, multiple store capability, warehouse stocking, purchase order system, ability to sell non-online items, quick custom items, and much more. We fully support and stand by our product.

Some of the features offered:

Automatically Syncs Quantities with Virtuemart 2.x and store front
Free Upgrades For Up To 1 Year
Offline Mode Capability - Sell products if Internet goes down
Gift Card capability - Have your own custom branded plastic gift cards and scan SKU!
Store Credit, Coupons, Auto Discounts, and other helpful features
Take Payments In-Store For Online Orders
Extensive Reporting Capabilities
Multi-Store Capability & Multiple Warehouse Capability
Customize Receipts, Receipts With Logo, Thermal Printing
Easily Scan Item SKU's At Checkout Increasing Speed
Create up to 9,999 Cashiers/Operators
Touch Screen Friendly

Client Screenshots

Server (Back-end) Screenshots

If you are looking at setting up your client (or yourself) with a Point Of Sale system that can easily bond to your Virtuemart 2.x installation; we suggest you give our demo a try. We are currently on version 1.2.24 and provide downloadable updates for up to one year. The best part is the one time licencing fee which won't drain your pockets with annoying monthly fees, and makes eQuate POS an easy sell to integrate their Virtuemart Website with your storefront checkout. You can just use it out of the box, with a simple, easy to run .EXE file to install for the actual POS client (screenshot above), and easy back-end installation script (similar to a Joomla installation). Installation can be completed in less than 15 minutes.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding Virtuemart and eQuate Point Of Sale promptly in this forum thread!

eQuate Point Of Sale for Virtuemart 2.x


Old thread I know but I have a few questions.

Does eQuate work with VM 3.012?
Is Equate for VM on the exact same level as for Prestashop?
How is items that are sold but not (yet) in the webshop registered?
How about printer support, does our Star TSP650 II Bluetooth work (it has a pretty good SDK)?


Got a quick reply on facebook for most of the above but I would be interested to hear if others are using ANY kind of point of sale software for Virtuemart and how well it works.

Please share your experiences.



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