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Incorrect sorting by price in category products.


In the shop Virtuemart 1.1.3 set up multicurrency.  Prices of products are given in USD, part - in UAH.
All prices in the shop - appear in UAH (prices in USD converted on-line rate).
Problem, products are sorted without conversion by price in category of products. For example, ascending price products are displayed as follows:

1. price 10 usd = 230 uah
2. price 20 usd = 460 uah
3. price of 30 usd = 690 uah
4. price 200 uah = 8.7 usd
Necessary to make the sorting was correctly, taking into account currency. No. 4 should be the first, not the last, 200 uah less upon conversion than 10 usd in uah. Thanks for the help!


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