Creating a computer parts store need help with specifications

Started by gazda, June 12, 2015, 00:47:42 AM

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Hi team,

I currently want to create a store with computer parts, also want to install a custom fileds search filter based on specifications.

Example i have a cpu categorie

i3 LGA1150
i3 LGA2011 etc...

on left side i want customer to narrow his search results by product specs.

i seen the custom fileds area and have tried to put strings,

on the old virtuemart there was product type example cpu product type with parameters of brand socket

hard disk product type with paramaters of size; 2.5 or 3.5; internal or external; sata 2 or 3; usb 2 or 3 etc....

i cant seem to find this product type with paramaters in custom fileds area.

i have also hear there are specification plugin and you can put all types and paramaters in there based on cpu, hdd, whole pc, graphics and then a prdoct search filter like cherry picker can read them and narrow it dow.

i would live so help from a expert i no coder my best friend is, he is always busy so id like to try find the easiest way to do this.

you can email me or post on the thread
thank you team


The functionality from my point of view is much easier now than  than in VM1

You just create your attributes (cpu, ram, etc) by using custom fields and then you assign them to your products. Simple as hell.
You can also create groups of custom fields that could be used for specific types of products (computers, phones...) by using the parent custom fields

For search and filtering using custom fields check here: