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Editing mySQL Database

Started by saviB, April 13, 2015, 22:57:59 PM

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Hey folks, I'm messing around with editing VM3 products and categories directly from the database. I select a table from MyPHPAdmin and export it as a CSV. This is easy to work with in Excel.

My questions.

1. I've deleted table data for both categories and categories and imported modified CSV files for both. Both imports were successful and I can see all data in the DB in MyPHPAdmin. BUT - I can not see categories in VM admin. To test, I added a single additional category through the VM admin, checked the DB, and it was there as it should be and used the correct ID (incrementing up 1 from those that I added direct to the DB). Any ideas on why categories added through MyPHPAdmin wouldn't show up?

2. I read an older post about virtuemart_products VS virtuemart_products_en_gb and I understand the concept. However, after deleting products in the VM admin, they remain in the virtuemart_products table. Does this table hold every product ever entered regardless of its status in the language table?

Thanks in advance - this is great stuff.


I figured this out. I had incorrectly set the parent category.


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