Upgrading to VM 3.0.4 problem JLIB_HTML_RESULTS_OF

Started by mlangejans, January 31, 2015, 22:07:49 PM

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I just updated VM to 3.0.4. but now i get 2 errors

* JLIB_HTML_RESULTS_OF --> on page http://shop.bbenjij.nl/nl/producten/2e-hands/results,1-15
* error when selecting article info. Nothing will happend. When you click on the info, the page returns to the main page?

How can i solve this problem? Tried another theme/template, but that doesn do the trick?

Site is running on joomla 3.3.6


1. Is a Joomla problem. It appears that there is an untranslated string got JLIB_HTML_RESULTS_OF in your Joomla language file. It is translated in en-GB.lib_joomla.ini in J3.3.6 as  "Results %s - %s of %s"  You can add the string as a language override.

2. Looks like a url issue, it is trying to go to http://shop.bbenjij.nl/nl/producten/2e-hands/test     Disable all SEF - in any case SEF should not be turned on until site development is finished and ready to go live. Then you can turn on native SEF in VirtueMart and in Joomla.
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Thanks for the info.

Both problems are solved according to your description.
Thank you very much.