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Pricing issue.
« on: December 09, 2014, 05:45:11 am »
Hello all. This is my first post and I am fairly fresh at all this so forgive me if I ask obvious things or impossible things.
I am using virtuemart 2.6.6. And I have a lot of products that come in different colour and sizes but that I would like to list as one product using cart variant. I am leaving the price field empty and adding the price for each variant in the custom fields. As there is no primary price for theses products , product in category layout shows nothing and only when you click into product details does the price (top cart variant price) show. What I would like to do is also have the "call for price" function on some products that are hard to ship ect, unfortunately this also shows call for price for the above mentioned products with blank primary price even though they do have a price in the variant field. I found a work around for this by setting the primary price as $0 but this does not look very good when browsing products. is there a way to only show price when a specific product is clicked into rather then when just browsing and or any other ideas as to how to go about this issue.