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Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart (Supports VM3.x) by Flexible Web Design

Started by flexiblewebdesign, September 23, 2016, 21:34:09 PM

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Intoducing brand new
Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart.
Now Supports Virtuemart 3.0.16+ & Joomla 3.6.2+

Cross-Browser Support. Responsive to IOS, Android and Tablets.
Browse the DEMO with your IOS, Android or Tablet

See what CleanMart can do.
Your joomla template BEFORE & AFTER CleanMart

Buy Now  -  See Demo

Excellent Support
We never leave you alone!

Stuck somewhere while doing customizations? You have no clue during the installation? No Problem! We are always  here to help you! Check our Forum and see how fast and efficient we are in terms of "helping".

Keep using
your joomla template.

Virtuemart 3 Template Cleanmart is integrated to your current joomla template. It changes layout of only Virtuemart-related pages withing the "content" area. Those pages are VM Frontpage, Category Page, Product Details page, Shopping cart page. Other pages, modules, menus and the rest will remain being controlled by your current joomla template.

CleanMart is Responsive!
CleanMart is a responsive Virtuemart 3 Template. (activated automatically when your current joomla template is responsive too) Virtuemart pages will be much more user friendly through smart-phones and tablets. Visit the demo of CoolMart with your mobile device and see the responsive layout in action. The shorthen URL of demo is: sensitive)

dropdown shopping cart module

comes free.
Normally sold for $19

Dropdown Shopping Cart Module

Ajax-Powered Dropdown Shopping Cart Module lets you add/delete products to/from shopping cart by AJAX requests (without refreshing the entire page).

Apple-Inspired Expanding Search Box
CoolMart will transform your regular/plain search module into an awesome Apple-Inspired Expanding search Module. Thanks to Apple for this wonderful idea.

Zoom Effect.
Integrated, comes free,
mouseover to zoom, click to enlarge..

ListView Vs. GridView Vs. MultiGridView
Visitors are able to switch the browse layout easily by clicking the "switch view" button! CleanMart comes with 2 different category browse page design. Each category browse page layout has 3 different view options: ListView, GridView, MultiGridView.

Screenshots below are taken from same category browse page layout but from different View options.

Extended Zooming Effect, inspired
Normally sold for $30
Joomla Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart comes with responsive zoom effect extension, built in and free. Zooming effect does not just zoom, but also enlarges the product pictures with a nice transition effect to a bigger view. Enlarging with transition effect functionality is inspired from

Responsive Joomla Virtuemart Template - SportMart

The New Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart


Responsive Joomla Virtuemart Template - SportMart

The New Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart


Quote from: flexiblewebdesign on June 01, 2017, 02:54:35 AM
CleanMart is confirmed to work with VM3.2.2 + Joomla3.7.2  8)
How version is compatible with vm3.2.2? I have old version and have problems after update VM :(



The components they sell don't work, at all, and when you ask for a refund when their crappy component breaks your WHOLE SITE, they scam you more.

Just wasted a whole day rebuilding my whole site. Complete waste of my time, and then the slimy developer gives me grief about refunding me? You only have to look at their Facebook page to see that they do this ALL THE TIME!