Author Topic: NEED HELP! Adding a product fee from a custom attribute virtuemart 1.1.9  (Read 4671 times)


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Hi! So, I'm new to virtuemart. I actually was hired by a client to add products to her already built/set up website. She just wants someone else to manage her website. I said sure. I got all her new products set up except one thing. theres this one product that uses the custom attribute list and when people use it, a product (PRODUCT) shows up in the cart.. its just $25. A product thats just $25. A $25 fee for using the custom attribute list. The product I'm adding is suppose to do that as well. Everywhere I look to try to figure this out, theres this custom fields section in the backend of the website under "list products" but I think my virtuemart is too old for that (1.1.9). Hopefully this makes sense. PLEASE HELP! I would REALLY appreciate it!! THANKS!!