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[SOLVED] Problem with the upgrade VM 2.6.6 to 2.6.8

Started by babu65, August 17, 2014, 20:04:53 PM

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I've upgrade 2 different site  Joomla 2.5.24 with Virtuemart 2.6.6 to 2.6.8. The first one ask me the upgrade from the back end in the menu extension update (VM live update) and I've proceed with the upgrade, in this case all work regularly.
The second one asked me from the back end to upgrade only VM-aio , so I proceeded and it was successful,  later I've download and from extensions manager uploaded it. The upload finish successful but have disappeared from the back end the menu voices of the component from the main menu and from the components sub menu is visible only  the sub menu voice virtuematr-aio.
The site work regularly in the front end  and the VM component work because later the upload of I've open the backend of VM by the button go to the shop, but now in the back end there are not any menu voice for open VM component.
Any suggestion?

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think u mean the VM admin menu module has disappeared?

Check if extensions-> modules
choose Administrator in the dropdown
VM - Administrator Module there?  published?  position menu?
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Thanks for the prompt reply.
Sorry I've made confusion with my english, so an screenshot is better of 1000 words  :)

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Hi jenkin,
many thanks for your useful help.
I've uninstalled Xmap component and the plugins, so I've uploaded again and  VM menus returns.
Have a nice day  :)