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how to display total weight of all products in cart checkout

Started by ronjb, December 15, 2013, 21:34:52 PM

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i was able to show the each product weight per row of the product with this
<?php echo $prow->product_weight ?>

but i can't get the total weight of all products, i tried

<?php echo $this->totalWeight ?>

but it didn't work any ideas how can i get the total weight of all products to be displayed on the checkout cart page?

thanks in advance


ship_mode ?

That is how the field is named in CCVAOM, we use it to export orders but have no clue if they renamed that field from the VM one.


There is another way, but this was easier for me

Here is the function to add up the product weights

<?php function cWeight($products){
      $tweight= 0;
      foreach ( $products as $prow) {
         $tweight += $prow->product_weight*$prow->quantity;
return $tweight;
   } ?>

Then, you can echo it anywhere you want like this

   <?php echo cWeight($this->cart->products);?>