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TOS Blank - Please Help Have Read ALL Previous Posts

Started by Eternity, February 17, 2014, 19:10:20 PM

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Can someone please tell me what to do to make the TOS pop up show what is put in the backend on VM?  I have tried all the VM2.0x solutions and still get a blank pop up with nothing more than the heading Terms of Service.

I am using J2.5.17 with VM2.0.26d

Thank you


TOS does not show if too long, so if long test with a short version. There should be no links (inc email) within the TOS.
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Hi Jenkill,

I did see that in the forum posts I read, so I changed it to read "Available from Footer area" and it is still not showing.

Here is a link for you

Please advise, thank you


Hi, I managed to solve this issue ... for anyone with the same issue, this is where my problem was.

Under configuration > Checkout

Make sure that "Must agree to terms of service ON EVERY ORDER" is TICKED!!!!!

Works for me on 2 sites so far.