Author Topic: How to set up products with different VAT rates within EU and outside EU  (Read 1165 times)


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I searched the forum, but found no answer to my problem.

I'm selling different types of goods worldwide.
Most products must be charged with high VAT rate (21%), some products, like books,  carry low VAT rate.
How do I configure my shop VM on J 2.5.27 properly for this.

Currently I have price and tax rate set per products.
I have shopper groups for EU and non-EU.

Can anybody explain how to go about it, so the proper shopper groups get charged the proper VAT rates (or none) for the proper products.
Companies in the EU with VAT number are not charged any VAT.
Consumers in the VAT always pay VAT as per the rate of the product (either high or low)
Both companies and consumers residing in the shops home country always pay VAT; companies must still supply VAT number.

In essence: product => tax rate hi/lo => shopper group applies tax rule yes/no

Guest users (not yet registered or logged in) are assumed to reside outside of the EU, so no tax is shown before checkout.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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