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[SOLVED]Issue with paypal configuration

Started by sorga, December 06, 2013, 13:40:13 PM

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I have some issues with setting up the payment by paypal. The issue is that we have display prices in LEU (romanian currency). Exchange rate LEU - EURO is 4.5lei=1euro.
Paypal no accepted payments in lei so VM must configured to transform lei in euro. The issue is that instead of to divide euro at lei, he has multiplied lei with 8.

Thus: if we say that a product costs 100 lei, in euros would cost him 100 lei / 4.5 = 22.2 euro. Now the system calculates wrong, that 100 X 8 = 800Euro .... lol

my site is located at



I have just tried setting the shop currency in LEI, and the payment currency in EURO, and the prices are converted correctly for me.
How did you configure the payment?


Thank you Alatak. I solved this issue. Issue provided by exchange rate where I don't known who set 8 instead the 0.000 value. I change 8 with 0 and everything is ok. Thank