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[SOLVED] Multilanguage custom fields in order e-mails

Started by guidocx842, December 10, 2013, 15:32:02 PM

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Hi everybody,
I followed instructions reported here ( to translate my custom fields in italian and english and I think that all is working but today, during a test, I discovered that my order e-mails (those that the system sends to user and to admin) contains custom fields not translated! In order e-mails I see my custom field as "COM_VIRTUEMART_CF_LAMP_COLOR" instead of "Lamp color:" as I see in frontend and, with this hack ( in backend.
Can you help me please to know where is the code that I need to change to see my custom fields translated also in order e-mails?
Thank you!  ;)


I need to override my custom fields language not only into site override but also in administrator overrides!
And today I also discover that from Joomla Admin Overrides there is the possibility to select a checkbox that apply the override not only to admin site but also to frontend! From today I will use Admin override for virtuemart!