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checkout breaks on last step when I click confirm purchase

Started by powpow12, December 12, 2013, 18:33:02 PM

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Good afternoon,

I am on VM: 2.0.24c  and joomla Joomla! 2.5.14 Stable/ Joomla Platform 11.4.0 Stable.

On the final step of the checkout process I am receiving an error after clicking "Confirm Purchase".  After clicking the button the url changes to and the error below is outputted:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method VmVendorPDF::convertHTMLColorToDec() in /home/shdecor/public_html/components/com_virtuemart/helpers/vmpdf.php on line 112

The last time a got a purchase to work was about 3 days ago.  Since then I have made minor LESS, admin, and layout changes (through overrides).  This issue is impacting all users.  The register user process and underlining email messages have not been disrupted. 

This is the php code from /helpers/vmpdf.php

     '', $this->vendor->vendor_letter_header_html,
     array(0,0,0), $this->convertHTMLColorToDec($this->vendor->vendor_letter_footer_line_color))// errors here!;

also this is the code from controller cart function confirm

public function confirm() {

//Use false to prevent valid boolean to get deleted
$cart = VirtueMartCart::getCart();
if ($cart) {
$view = $this->getView('cart', 'html');
// Display it all
} else {
$mainframe = JFactory::getApplication();
$mainframe->redirect(JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=cart', FALSE), JText::_('COM_VIRTUEMART_CART_DATA_NOT_VALID'));

Any information regarding a hard coded work around while a long term fix is figured out would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


I just confirmed that the orders are making it to the backend, confirmed by logging in as admin and looking up orders.  Also, the orders have charged my card so everything seems to work other than the email for cart/confirm. 

Can any one tell me where this method/function is defined?


I am not opposed to throwing a hard coded value in until I can find a long term fix.  Thank you.


found the source code for vmpdf.php in VM 2.0.16

here is what the function call used to look like:

vmpdf.php 2.0.16

$this->SetHeaderData($imagePath, 60, $view->vendor->vendor_store_name, $view->vendorAddress);

I saved this change and processed the form again.  I had to download font helvitica but I finally got the confirmation notice on the site.  Like before, the order is in the backend and the payment was processed on my CC but I received no email.  Any advice?


Do you have the aio installed? looks like the pdf library is not installed.
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We have VM AIO version 2.0.24c.  The odd part about this is back on the 9th an order was processed and the invoice was sent.  We made a few overrides to the templates, admin changes, and some LESS changes and boom check out doesn't send out invoices or emails. 

I have a tcpdf folder in my libraries directory, does that mean it is installed?

Two other points I would like to make, when I am in as the admin on the orders page the pdf button (per order) will create the same error message and there were two previous posts about this subject

neither of them gave much insight how to resolve the issue.  Do you know where either of these methods are defined? I would love to know for future purposes how it is all organised.


I would say it is a template issue then. Seems you do not know the rule #3.

Before you post bug, always try with the standard joomla template beez5 FIRST!
Should I fix your bug, please support the VirtueMart project and become a member
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