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You are not an administrator or the correct vendor - ERROR

Started by access_max, October 15, 2013, 19:09:29 PM

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Hi, I know this post me sound like a repeat but isn't.

I'm trying to add products to the store and I get this message when I try to save a product.

        vmError: VmTable #__virtuemart_products_en_gb Check not passed. Neither slug nor obligatory value at product_name for auto slug creation is given
        vmError: You are not an administrator or the correct vendor, storing of product cancelled

I searched the forum and looked at :

and other post and verified that my phpmyadmin vendor id is set to "1", tried multivendor mode suggestion and and I'm still getting the message.

Here is a copy of my phpmyadmin

   Field    Type    Collation    Attributes    Null    Default    Extra    Action

   virtuemart_vendor_id    smallint(1)       UNSIGNED    No    0

I'm using Joomla 2.5.14 with VirtueMart  2.0.22d.

Please assist, any suggestions would be great.


I don't mean to bump this thread, but I'm dead in the water right now and really could use the lifeline.

Here's what I found out, that I have 3 categories (Audi, BMW, Mercadies) I can create sub-categories and add products in Audi and Mercadies, but not in BMW. When I create a product and save it in BMW category, I get the above error. Weird.

Another thing I tried was to create another super user and assign him as a vendor and I couldn't, I click the "Is a Vendor" button and VritueMart says that it has been saved successfully, but the "Is a vendor" field doesn't turn into a green check mark, but stays a red circle. Hope my explanation helps.



I think I got it, after messing around with it, it seems to work now. Weirdest thing.

Here's what I did to fix it.

1) create another super user in joomla
2) login with the new created super user
3) open virtuemart, go to Orders & Shoppers>Shoppers
4) you will see the superuser you created, and in my case I also have the Administrator
5) I checked marked them both and selected the BIG green checkbox, that says " Is a vendor" you will get a confirmed reply that says "Shopper state has been saved"
6) It may not seem like it did anything, but try adding your products again, and this time it will save the product.

Glad I got it working, WAHHOOOO.