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User approval by admin

Started by travelbaba, May 11, 2013, 12:47:56 PM

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Hello friends,

I have a question, my configuration: VM 2 and joomla 2.5.11

I would like to sell only to confirmed customers, so the procedure should be:

new client register in the registration module of virtuemart > admin verify the fields and when approve the client start automatically an approval email, like Joomla native do.
so I've setted in joomla side: user allow registration yes, New User Account Activation Admin.

All ok, but when I activate the client no email is send.

But in joomla registration system this work perfeclty.

is there a system to do it from VM registration?




VirtueMart 2 uses Joomla's registration system, so you can use that to approve site users - in J user manager options set "New User Account Activation"  to admin. When they come to buy the should login with their Joomla credentials and then enter their billing address when prompted at checkout.
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Thanks for reply,
the matter is a bit more deeper.

Let's say is a shop only for resellers, so they have to send first all credentials, then have to be approved from admin, in that case shall start the approvation email, like joomla native do.
I'm trying to do a parallel subscription with chronoform, the idea works, but the form doesn't pass the informations to Virtuemart via curl.