Author Topic: dependent dropdowns for vmart 2.0.18a joomla 2.5  (Read 2288 times)


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dependent dropdowns for vmart 2.0.18a joomla 2.5
« on: March 01, 2013, 08:14:05 am »

I am using virtuemart for a homeopathic pharmacy.

i am having issues with vmart doing what I think it should be able to do

I have a series of products (homeopathic singles) that come in user-defined configuration


choose format ------> based on format choice, a list of sizes relevant to the format need to be presented -

eg. user choose 'drops' for format --- so for drops there is 30ml - 50ml 1000ml etc.

also - user needs to choose potency - eg. 5dh, 6dh, 7dh etc

prices for all singles are the same - just different sizes for the various formats vary the price.

the cart needs to display these choices naturally

it is not necessary to control inventory - and the singles are usually ordered based on the customer's choice

in addition - i need to have as much control over the availalbe options for each attribute - we may need to limit the choices for a specific product - this is not essential as it can be done manually - but i believe this is related to created a parent custom field ????

I have the store built - the products are populated

at one point i had this working with child variants - but it has been a bugy process.