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VM registration with included billing info?

Started by webbus, February 26, 2013, 09:03:13 AM

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Hello everyone,

it's been several days that I got really serious issue. I have read a lot in the forums, tried to look for some extensions for it - with no luck.

What I need is a VM2 registration form. As far as I know, VM dont have one. Users have to register via Joomla registration. But the problem is, that in Joomla registration there are no Billing information, only username, email, password. Even name/surename can not be retrieved my VM, because there are one field for both Name and Surename.

I have found a topic about it:

So I did as developers suggested, tried to register a user via /index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=user&layout=editaddress

But there are another issue - there are ONLY billing information. This form doesnt have Username or Password. Also there are no Email confirmation (2nd input of same email).

Is there any way to have both Login information (username, passwords, email) and Billing information (address, name, surename, phone etc) in ONE registration form?

Or maybe I am just missing something?

I have already tried various configurations in User manager> Options, also I tried various configurations inside VM, at checkout process. But I need registration not during the checkout, but before it.

Please just let me know if it is possible to accomplish, because I have wasted several days already by trying to figure it out. If it is not possible, then I'll try to find some alternative solutions for this.

Thank you in advance.


Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

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In virtuemart "configuration" | "check-out" tab make sure
to have On checkout, ask for registration
checked otherwise the neccesary fields will not show