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Sorting dropdown Generic Product variant

Started by klaushviid, October 04, 2012, 14:03:42 PM

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I'm making a shop for a fitness center. Their products is the starting date within a month - i.e. the products is named "Starting the 1st" to "Starting the 31st".

31 products in total with different prices.
1 Parent and 30 childs.

I've made a custom field based on the Generic one just stating "Select start date:", layout is set to "ontop" - nothing else.

I created the products begining with the "1st" in a month (set to parent) and the rest was created in a cronological order.

My dropdown list on my main product is weird...the list seems strangely ordered

How the hell do i order the list of options?
My client won't accept this random order - people expect it to show them as 1, 2, 3, 4, .., 31

Please advise
Virtuemart is 2.0.10


Hi Klaus

Have the same problem with my products. I have a lot products with 6-7 different child. - different is most in length

To sort articles in Joomla is so easy why couldnt we this do in vm with variants?

I hope will be in latest next update or faster in a other solution. it is illogical that it should not be logical therefore possible :)


I see now we arent since long time alone with this problem...  - and a lot other


VM2 custom fields have probably been the one thing that has frustrated more VirtueMart admins than any single other part of the journey from 1.1 to 2.0.  That's why we created a way to better control custom fields by integrating VM2 with a forms component. That way, you would be able to control the sort order however you like, and build the product options with all of the flexibility of a full-blown forms component. Check out our posting from today in the 3rd party extension forum:

Now I admit, the extension might be overkill to solve a simple sorting issue (and it's frustrating that you can't just do that in the core VM2). But if you build VM2 sites for multiple clients you will likely find many other ways to use it to solve the limitations of standard custom fields.
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