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HOW to show the price in a custom field WITH tax???

Started by tobisagt, September 20, 2012, 20:48:20 PM

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I can't work out HOW to show the price in a custom field WITH tax!!

I only show my customers the final end price, with Tax.

My product price is: 13,95 EUR

Now i have two options: First without upcharge. So the price stay at 13,95 EUR
The second have a upcharge about 10 EUR. So i thought it will show 23,95 EUR, but it show 24,65 EUR!

My product have a tax about 7%.

Pls see attachments!

I hope someone can help me out!!

EDIT: A second question is, why is there no "+" in front of prices above 0 ?

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did you manage to solve your problem? I've got the same.