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created sub dir to test new 2.0 install and it affect VM live site???

Started by Nathan, December 13, 2012, 02:39:32 AM

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I was doing a test run of updating my joomla and vM to 2.5.7 and VM 2.0.  I created a sub directory called joom25.
Long story short, this affected my home and live site.  It appears the database has tied into the VM 2 interface on the subdirectory.
Not sure why or how so I came here to request some help please.

First I used a quick install of a Gavick quick installer and it had the template already set up and came with  2.5.7 and VM 2.0.  These were put in a sub directory of my main site called joom25.

I updated the joomla25 db using SP upgrade.  It asked for the database of the old site (said it woudl pull data from there and not affect old site).  Worked fine so it seemed.

I then enabled the VM database to be updated on the joom25 site, and when I used the vm migration tool, pretty much no data from my old site was put in. I wasn't sure if I had to pull the data from my old database, but no data as far as VM stuff appears on the joom25 site.

When I logged into my home directory site (joomla 1.5.26 anf vm 1.1.9), everything looks fine, except VM, all links go the the VM area in the joom25 site.

It still says at the bottom it is VM 1.1.9

I reinstalled the back up come of the DB on the home site and it still remains the same.  On the front end it appears the fly page changed.  When I click on ad to cart, I am taking to the home page of the joom25 site.

Andy ideas why this is doing this and how to fix please?

Joseph Kwan

Look like the URL in vm config has been changed. If you cannot access vm in your backend, you can edit the file virutemart.cfg.php in the directory administrator/components/com_virtuemart/
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Seems to be quirk in the server configuration. vm2 has no own URL variable, we use the one of joomla.
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