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VM3 Synthetic Dashboard (free)

Started by nordmograph, September 18, 2012, 15:40:30 PM

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Maxim Pishnyak

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Bugfix update: on the 31st, months names were mistaken.


Happy 2015 everybody!

Our VM Synthetic Dashboard admin module just got a great update.
2 new charts have been included!
- In addition to the sells and orders charts, we introduced the AVERAGE BASKET Chart
- Also we included a COUNTRIES or CITIES GEOCHART (+ table) of the regions of the world that generate the most orders.

Give it a try.



I've installed your module, but it shows some errors in first tab and only shows 2 tabs... Can you help me?



I think there is a little bug with the time, It doesn't take it from vm neither from joomla. We have a 2 hour difference from the real time when the order is created.


hi Aprodrigues,
The chart error messages show because the module find no orders to render data.

Hi Lindapowers,
The order date is taken from the VM table #__virtuemart_orders.created_on


Hi nordmograph,


And why it only shows 2 tabs instead of 4? Same reason?



I just to let you know I updated the module to 1.9.4 , adding Trends concept to current month graph and table rows (orders & sells).


Thanks, just 2 little bugs:

mod_vmsynthdashboard/css/style.css is missing and is loading PHP which can break session.

GEO chart by cities hides module tabs.


Hi Lindapowers,
The missing css file has been fixed in a recent version. Make sure you have the latest 1.9.5
I'll have a look at the cities issue.
Thanks for reporting :)


Hey ..
when I want to use GEO Chart, a map would show up, but without results and throwing following error: "Google Maps API error: MissingKeyMapError"
how to add the key?
thanks for help!


Nice catch, Since June 22nd and API Key is required for the Geochart on new sites.
I added an APIKey field and updated the call to the most recent chart library.
Update to 1.3.2.


Hi, just a little note about this super useful plugin.

In the tab "Latest shoppers" the data shown is latest registered shoppers and the guest orders do not appear.

Pretty sure you are aware of this anyway I guess is more sneaky to show the orders as guest also.