VM2 with multiple taxes, whole numbers as final result

Started by lindapowers, May 19, 2013, 10:51:23 AM

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VM2 works perfectly when you just use one tax for all your products but when using multiple taxes the way you enter values is a bit of a limitation.

We have 2 taxes, (VatTax) 10% and 4% so what we have done is assign each one to certain categories.

The problem we are facing is with the shipping rules and the payment fee, no way to obtain whole numbers using multiple taxes, therefore whole numbers as a final result of an order.

So the question is, isn't there a way to tell the system that for example 2 € is the payment fee WITH Tax (no matter if the tax is 4% or 10%)

The problem in VM2 is that when you enter values, for example, in the payment fee you enter: 2.00 € but the "apply generic rules" will apply 10% or 4% depending on the category, so you can never enter a value that shows a whole number as a final result for both taxes.

This applies to the shipping costs too, luckily we are using reinholds shipping by rules which includes an option of "shippingwithTax" were you already enter the value with tax and the system calculates the rest depending on the applied Tax.

As you may have imagine what we want is a whole number as a result of the payment fee and shipping for both taxes, so basicly a whole numbers as a final result of the order. I believe this is critical for shops with multiple taxes.

In our case we use the EU VAT ID so we have no other option than using the "apply generic rules" (applying a concrete tax won't either solve the problem)

The solution would be (in theory) easy if VM let us introduce the value of the payment fee with tax so the tax was calculated out of the 2.00 € I think is a big problem the fact that you enter the values without Tax.

If you want to understand the problem in simple terms, imagine your shipping rate is 5.00 € with tax (no matter if you apply 10% or 4% tax or any other, you want it to be 5.00 €) you can round it for one tax but not for all, it will never give a whole number as a result with multiple taxes.

Or an even simple example, you want to apply 2.00 € to cash on delivery or paypal (something more than common ill say). You want it to be 2.00 € without decimals, something which seems not possible with multiple taxes.