Author Topic: NEED A VM DEV TO HELP ASAP - PAID WORK  (Read 1395 times)


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« on: August 14, 2012, 15:24:21 pm »
I have few problems I need fixing ASAP.

See below there are a few other things to be added as well. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY to get started. You must be an EXPERIENCE VM DEV. Thank you.

Dev site in the making is:

In the product view it say's you need to log in to leave a review. Even if you are logged in and even if the reviews are turned off!

Verification link not working. When clicked it says it is logged in but in the Joomla users area it does not activate the account.

I have made different Shopper Groups and created some Calculation Rules but they are not applying to a shop pen in that group when they are logged in.

eg. I have:

Backend - Shopper Group: Trade 1
Backend - Calculation Rule: Trade 1 = -10% and selected the product categories
Fronted - Registered using the VirtueMart registration.
Fronted - Confirm the registration and log in
Backend - Added the shopper to the Trade 1 Shopper Group
Fronted - Go to a product in the categories that has the Calculation rule
But, the price is the normal price not the Trade 1 price

I also need to have the + and - on each product in the category view as well as add to card button.

I need this working and functioning ASAP.

Rock on!