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I am running Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1.9.

I require a developer to:

A) Redesign the forms, checkout pages, template on this simple booking system so they are more modern and clean looking:
Please note this system runs in an iframe here:
And will be used on other websites too.

B) Where I request in the attributes date/time to put a Calendar Date/Time Picker (which in the back end of joomla we can specify the dates and times that are available)

C) We need to allow a person on the one lesson type e.g Public Lesson to choose that there will be 2 Adults, 3 Kids and then the system should ask for the 2 Adults Names and 3 Kids names aswell as adjust the price accordingly (an Adult is €35 and a Kid is €29). At the moment we have added these as two completely different products Adult Lesson, Kids Lesson.

D) We require paypal adaptive payments where the customer appears to pay one person but the payment is actually split between multiple receivers. We will also require training on how you do this. Essentially I will earn 5% on each booking and the business earns the remainder and pays the entire paypal fee.

You can also email
All funds kept in escrow or elance while the work takes place



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Hello -

We could certainly assist you with this type of custom work. We do primarily ecommerce web development and custom extensions, and have done a lot of complex VM 1.1.x projects. To privately discuss your needs and receive a quote, please contact us by opening a presales team ticket on our site:

Thank you!
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