Author Topic: Show prices with tax (EU) for unregistered users  (Read 17867 times)


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Re: Show prices with tax (EU) for unregistered users
« Reply #30 on: May 28, 2014, 10:27:02 am »
We are in the same boat here!!  :(  Arghh!!  Why is this so hard!!

We MUST as an Australian shop, display prices INCLUDING tax - so even when not logged in - it must show a price including tax.  HOWEVER, when someone purchases from say New Zealand, we don't want tax applied!

Come on VM - How hard can it be!! 

The system just needs to check country and apply or not apply tax!!  Surely it's not that hard!!!
Though this thread is a year old it might be useful if I add my own solution as its slightly different to others:
I have an Australian shop and need to:
1. display prices including GST to casual non-logged on visitors
2. display prices including GST to logged-in Australian shoppers
3. display prices excluding GST to logged-in users from all other countries

I have 3 tax rules which are, in order:
1. set +% 10.00 for GST and set shopper group to anonymous. This apparently shows the 10% gst to all non-registered users
2.  Set GST ( VAT tax) to 0.00 for all shopper groups, all countries selected. This sets price to include no GST for all but Australian logged-in users - see rule 3
3. set +% 10.00 for GST for all shopper groups, Australia set as country. This sets price to include GST for logged-in Australian users. It seems that rule 3 modifies rule 2 so that Austraians see the GST included when they log in

The down sides are that overseas users not logged in will see the GST-inclusive price, but it will revert to non-GST price once they log in. Cant see any way around this

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Re: Show prices with tax (EU) for unregistered users
« Reply #31 on: May 28, 2014, 13:22:53 pm »
Correct - we have the same problem with e.g. Swiss shops etc that have different GST to the rest of EU etc

The simplest way is clear labelling : most things can be solved with adequate feedback to visitors
A big fat notice saying Overseas visitors please make an account to see the huge reduction in prices ex Aussie.. etc

It's probably enough  - you could even make it geo related - something like

GeoIP-based selection
switch based on user’s country/state/city
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