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ProfessionalHelpWanted - Users configuration
« on: June 30, 2012, 11:31:49 am »

I need someone who will help me to make the following thing:

I would like that some prices (not for all the products, but only for some I choose) will not be visible to everyone, but only for whom will register to the site

1) I am able to set to 0 some prices so that  "ask for price or register to see it" is showed

2) I am able to set the product price visibile to "specific" shopper group and not to "anonymous" or "default" by creating a child product of the one without price, and setting its price to the one I want registered user will see

What I'm not able to do, is to make that every joomla registerd user will not go the the "default" group, but to the "specific" group automatically, so that I dont' have manually put them to the proper shopper group.

Waiting for someone to contact me (santapupa @ and providing a quote; I will pay via Paypal,

Thank you