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Pricing problem anyone?

Started by 4est, July 02, 2012, 16:22:37 PM

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I have set up an unpublished category where I assigned a discount
in the product description I assigned the products to those categories
in discount type I have "apply generic rules". Rulles affecting: my discount

FINAL PRICE does calculate correctly in backend
BUT in frontend it does NOT

If I add to cart, it's still the wrong price, so I'm guessing something's broken in the pricing system


I have found some more information:

If I publish the category, then discounts work

But that was the whole idea, to use hidden categories in order to apply some form of discount, as I found no other way to do this  :(
I cannot use override, because products have some cart modifiers that change the price.  And with override, you can't change the price with cart modifiers

Anyway, the problem I reported is there anyway, because in backend I see a price, and in frontend another one


uohm,... looks you do everything right. Is your rule also connected to shoppergroups? Maybe you are in the frontend not logged in.
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