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Wrong total after order confirmation

Started by fexnok, June 26, 2012, 13:19:03 PM

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After confirming order the total price is wrong, it's always bigger than the final price, even though the email, invoice and VM orders history were right.

The problem is when using the standard payment plugin, if you go to

plugins/vmpayment/standard/standard.php line 124 you have this

$html .= $this->getHtmlRow('STANDARD_AMOUNT', $currency->priceDisplay($order['details']['BT']->order_total, 'width="20%"'));

but priceDisplay function receives different parameters

public function priceDisplay($price, $currencyId=0,$quantity = 1.0,$inToShopCurrency = false,$nb = -1){

so it's just a mistype, the line 124 should be replaced with this one

$html .= $this->getHtmlRow('STANDARD_AMOUNT', $currency->priceDisplay($order['details']['BT']->order_total), 'width="20%"');