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Selling Services as Products

Started by webzight, June 13, 2012, 04:42:25 AM

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Well solved kinda, I created a Product Category that I called Consultation, then I created a shipping method I named "Consultation" which I left devoid of any shipping information and set the shipping description as "Consultation Only" and walla when I select any service, the default shipping method is "Consultation Only"  BOOYAH 8)

It would still be nice though, to have a switch somewhere that one can toggle, to turn off the shipping requirement when trying to sell services instead of a physical product ;)

Okay I did a search of the Forum and found no decent answers to this scenario.

I cannot figure out how to stop the cart from asking for shipping information for a product that is a service rather than a physical product ???

Why is there not a function that allows one to sell non-physical products :-\

If this function exists please point me to same as I have looked everywhere :o
May the Cloud be with you :)