Author Topic: UPSv2 Hack to have Additional Flatrate or handling fee per product  (Read 6981 times)


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I almost have this working, but I am having a problem of properly setting and saving a switch within class.package.php and class.shipment.php.
Package logic where I am setting the fee and adding it to the final UPS rates

We have some products which need an extra flatrate / handling fee if their quantities are less than a certain number i.e. if prod A QTY is 1 to 3, then add a one time Additional fee of $10, once the QTy has reached 4 , then do not charge any additional fee.

I have added 3 fields to the product table
add_flatfee  -Y/N does product have an additional flatfee
add_flatfee_amount  - How much the additional fee is
add_flatfee_cutoff  - The quantity to cutoff and no longer charge a fee since the min QTY has been reached

Each product has its own cutoff, so I need to keep track of a switch for when their QTY cutoff has been met. There can be multiple products added to the cart, each with their own cutoff.

How can I save a switch that is set within class.package that is not reset with the next product?

Has this products cutoff_reached = 'N' {
  If product count < add_flatfee_cutoff {
     Add this products add_flatfee_amount to total_fee
     set flatfee_this_prod_already_added = 'Y'
       cutoff_reached = 'Y'   //no longer charge an additional fee for this product
       Subtract this products add_flatfee_amount from total_fee

prod A add_flatfee_amount=$10 , add_flatfee_cutoff=2
prod B add_flatfee_amount=$5 , add_flatfee_cutoff=3

Prod A added to cart  Total_fee = 10
Prod B added to cart  Total_fee= 15

Another Prod B added to cart (QTY now is 2)   Total fee remains $15
Now Another Prod B added to cart (QTY now is 3)  which is equal to the cuttoff amount for prod B, so remove the Prod B additional fee,   Total fee becomes $10

VM1.1.9, upsv2


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Re: UPSv2 Hack to have Additional Flatrate or handling fee per product
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2012, 17:51:57 pm »
Hi Bill,
Use the class instance's "shipment" pointer to refer to the containing shipment, then iterate through each package, keeping track of how many item B there are.  If the minimum is met, again loop through each package and set the additional fee to zero.  Or, go at it from a different angle.. create an array of product id's with "extra" fees and minimum triggers in the containing Shipment instance, then each time a product is added update the array, check for extra fees.  The extra fee amount could be kept in the same array, something like:

Code: [Select]
pid => (
    min => 3,
    fee => 5.00
   count => 1

Then during final fee calculation either include or exclude that fee based on the total count of that product.
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Re: UPSv2 Hack to have Additional Flatrate or handling fee per product
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2012, 16:14:10 pm »
We don't code php in house.  I need to add a handling charge to VirtueMart 2.x.  Do you know anyone created a plug in to do this?