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The New Virtuemart 2 Template
Virtuemart is now More effective, More Powerful & More Aesthetics.

2 Different Category Browse Page Layouts
Virtuemart Template comes with 2 different category browse layouts to let you choose the one that you like the most.

2 Different Product Details Page Layouts
In Virtuemart Template there are 2 different Product Default Page layouts. Choose the one that you like the most.

Nice Scrolling Effect in VM Frontpage
Scrolling Effect for Virtuemart Homepage is included to VM Template. It displays Featured Products, Top Ten Products and Latest Products inside a scroller with a nice scrolling effect.

Custom Designed Checkout Pages
No one will ever think that you are using Virtuemart, because we have changed the checkout pages completely as well. It now looks a lot more fancier and more user-friendly.

Is any product added recently? Is it On SALE? or is it marked as FEATURED product? From now on; those special products will be catchy in the category browse page. Our template puts a specific labels on the left side of thumbnails in the category browse page to  make them more noticeable.

Click to View DEMO:
Click To Buy It:

Quick BUY feature
We have brought this awesome feature to Virtuemart. For the first time! around the world, Quick Buy is possible only with our template.

"Larger Views" For Product Pictures
In addition to Zoom Effect, "Larger View" functionality has been brought to Virtuemart, Again! for the first time by us. (This feature has been inspired from

User Reviews and Stars Rating
We have improved the start displaying and user reviews sections of Virtuemart. Stars rating will be displayed in Category Browse Page as well.

TAB Panel Display
TAB panel will collect the information in product details page. No more too long pages. Everything is well organized.

Completely International
Our virtuemart template is completely international. If you download a language pack for your Virtuemart, then our template will automatically translated to your native language.

Instruction Manual
An instruction Manual comes with the Template installation ZIP file. (TUTORIAL.PDF) Please read it before doing anything. It shows you to step-by-step (by screenshots) to apply the template to you website.
Zoom Effect for Product Pictures
Our Template comes with built-in zoom effect for your product picture. We are normally sell this extension seperatelly in our website but it comes free with the template (built-in).

Uniquely Created Buttons
Your Virtuemart will have uniquely created CSS based buttons. So if you Virtuemart is in different language, you don't need to translate text of buttons. Everything will be ready.

Share Buttons and Facebook Like
Share buttons and Facebook Like button has been mounted to product detail page and ready to use.

Custom Fields
Virtuemart 2 is using Custom Fields for product attributes, we have improved the CSS stylization of Custom Fields.

PSD files for Translation of Text-Images
You will find the PSD source files within the template. Simply open them with using Adobe Photoshop, translate the text and save/overwrite with the same file name but in .PNG file type.

Keep Using Your Joomla Template
Our VM Template will have effect only in your Virtuemart related pages. In a word; it works as if it is a Virtuemart Theme. This means, you will be allowed to use any joomla template you want.

Click to see our all VM templates:
Click to see our all VM extensions/plugins:

Responsive Joomla Virtuemart Template - SportMart

The New Virtuemart 3 Template - CleanMart


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If anyone has bought this template and can share his experiences, this would be a good place to share. I am very interested to know from anyone using this about his experience....
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Virtuemart Templates - Virtuemart is now More effective & More Aesthetics
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2012, 08:21:30 am »
We are using their template on several sites and it saved us a lot of work because of the add to cart button that is available when displaying categories and the default zoom function.

But perhaps you need to change colors as the template only comes with one color.....

They will update their template when newer virtuemart versions appear and when changes are needed to that template. The money well spent.

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