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Low Stock Notification!!!

Started by yayadk, May 13, 2012, 20:56:28 PM

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I know there is a post about it but with now solution...i just need to know.. is it working or not?
I have joomla 1.7 and VM 2.0.3
Just want to know if it is my site or VM's fault?
Otherwise what is the solution.. even if it is third party?




Hi I havenot seen posts regarding - the low stock notification for individual stock products - some are still working their way through "the varient child products" -

however you version 2.0.3 ? Just wondering is you could update and then let us know how you went.

back up first


Tnx for the reply.
I have tried on 2.0.6 as well
I don't think i got your point with the "low stock notification for individual stock products"
The notification just does not work at all.. any product.

Any ideas?


There are to issues often with stock.

1)  For normal - individual stock products(notifications) there does not seem to be an issue that I have seen in the forms .

2)  For some owners they are setting up child products from a normal products and have 5 or 6 others linked in attributes- here there has been some issues with stock notifications.

1) one is simple set up . 2) the other are more complex. 

In 1) I have seen no real issues


well i haqve both types on my site but both of them do not send any notification when reaching the low level.
Anny ideas why and what to do?


Ok same here I tested just what you had ,

I set two products and then bought both, one at a time on a live site.

The issue here might be double - as the stock is booked but does not go down- thus if the stock does not go down then the notification will not happen.

* changed the settings in configuration several times to different choices but does not work.


i have even "sent" the products so acctualy the amount went down according to the amount that i bought.
So in one point i had less products in the stock than the low notification amount... still nothing came to warn me about it


Ok I think this is an issue I'm actually using versions 2.0.7b test version and I have still the same issue.

* I will write this up (in another forum) and hope that this is a current item they are working on.

* I do belive that you should receive and email regarding the stock levels. ( I think this is a bug) unless they no longer send an email in regards to stock and only show the coloured bars and the bottom of the product. red , orange and green.?
for now that is all we can do. Thanks.


ok... tnx for the info
would like to be involved/be informed if possible about other forum