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(Solved) Error when SSL enabled

Started by chantal, April 22, 2012, 22:46:22 PM

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I have the joomla 25 and VM2.
WHen I enable SSL in the configuration of VM, I get the message "page not found".
In the older joomla and VM version you had to enter in the configuration "" (netzone ist the name of my provider) and then choose the pages you wanted with SSL.
What do I have to do?


Hi Chantel and admin,

I'm actually using the latest release of VM, VM 2.0.6 and Joomla 2.5.  I must be blind.  I can't even find the SSL option and configuration anywhere.  Can you please tell me where you found it? 



components - virtuemart - configuration - shop - shop is offline .....   activate SSL
Tell me if you could use SSL.
Thank you


Hi Chantel,

  Thank you soooooo much!  I don't know how many times I've been through those pages and that SSL seemed to elude me.

Anyhow, I had clicked on it and saved.  No error messages popped up.  However, I'm having issues getting my security certificate.  I'm just waiting for that to resolve and then I test the site out.  I'm actually at a loss for what to do too.  I didn't understand the message, "This forces Joomla to use SSL for the links in the cart and the user area.  Be sure to use the right joomla settings for the user maintenance, anonymous order, and the login." 

I'm new to this and I'm trying to create my first e-commerce site with Joomla.  I'm assuming that line meant that I have to configure access for each page of my site.  I'm actually using another component with VM, Product Builder 2 by  Once I have my security certificate properly installed I will definitely be back to let you know. 

I really appreciate your help.

Rebecca  ;)


Hi Chantel,

I'm back just wondering if you still had an issue with your SSL?  I forced my whole site anyway to be SSL. 



I spent so many times in different forum to find out why I could not use SSL.
My provider has a shares SSL. They finally told me that the new virtuemart 2 does not allow shared SSL. With the older version it was possible. You have to buy now a certificate.
I hope this will change soon with an other version. Virtuemart is  open source. So it should allow shared SSL.  >:(
Bye bye Chantal