Author Topic: Manufacturers Scroller Module for Virtuemart 2.x  (Read 8472 times)

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Manufacturers Scroller Module for Virtuemart 2.x
« on: April 24, 2012, 10:22:37 am »
Looking for a scroller module to show case Virtuemart Manufacturers logos in vertical? Then you can download this module which is compatiple for Virtuemart 2.x

The module will help you to list/show case manufacturers with their beautiful logo thumbnail, manufacturer name and number of products.

The module is very flexible to use in many situation with below module options:

1.       Show logo on/off

2.      Width & Height of logo thumbnail is set default in VM Configuration

3.      Logo is always hyperlinks to manufacturer browser pages

4.      Manufacturer name on/off

5.       Products number Display on/off

6.      Chose to list of manufactures base on name / random

7.       Number of Manufacturer Limit