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Can I do the following with VM?

Started by ropadepot, April 17, 2012, 00:06:03 AM

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I was wondering If I can use your product/Extension to create a site with the following options:

1. Ability to select ticket. (Multiple)

2. Ability to search date/venue/artist.

3. Ability to select a seat for each ticket. (Optional with a Map)

4. Ability to select meal/drink in addition to tickets. (Multiple)

5. Ability to Pre-Purchase or Reserve.

6. Send out E-tickets (PDF) to customer.

7. Send out email notification to the venue.

In addition:

A. Ability to attach bar-codes to tickets.

B. Ability to verify age. ( Ask for Date of Birth)

C. Ability to export reports for each event.



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