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Slide Mini Cart module VM2 - Free Download!

Started by Linelab, March 11, 2012, 22:49:55 PM

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Hi! After installing the Slide Mini Cart all the products in store were gone (deleted !?! and I have NO backup,  :-[ ) and the following error reported Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla\plugins\system\vm2_cart

Any solutions? Thanks!

The VM default cart is disabled, using last version of VM and Joomla, XAMPP 1.8.1 [PHP: 5.4.7]



When i activate plg_system_vm2_cart i can only see the category's on the frontsite of my site. Once i click on a category I'm redirected to the category's so i get in a loop. When i deactivate plg_system_vm2_cart  everything is working normal. I use Joomla 2.5.9 and VM 2.0.18a. Anyone a idea?

Solved! Just activate the module and deactivate the plugin and it all works just fine.


For those has problem with transparent background.
If put your shop in subfolder you must go to [modules/mod_vm2cart/tmpl/default.php]
put on every image source 2 dots.
default is: background: url("/modules/mod_vm2cart/cartpop.png")
after tip: background: url("../modules/mod_vm2cart/cartpop.png")

line 83
line 88
line 129
edit: i see problem if buy one item only. so it's better to put the full path of url
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Hello, ive got some problems to displayy this very useful modul in my page.
please look at the picture, i want to display this modul on the top of my page but i see only a very small part of the modul, and also without this cart symbol and so on.
have you any ideas?

[attachment cleanup by admin]


1. Currently any product_attributes are shown way below the product name.
Once a second item is added to the cart, it looks like product_attributes belong to the 2nd item & not part of the 1st item.
Can it be moved up & placed between thr product name & the empty image ?
2. Empty feature works but it is shown only after I refresh the page.
Can it be fixed ?
3. How to make the cart stay on screen longer ?
4. How to enable the popup only when there are products in cart OR maybe show inside the cart also the next message "MOD_VM2_CART_CART_EMPTY=....."
Thanks - Drukman.


Try out our new joomla background rotator ( for joomla 1.x or 2.x), for only 14,99 eur @


I had an issue with this module.
It did not update the minicart if the page was not refreshed.  Let me know how you find it.


I have tested the lates download version of this module on vm2.0.24 and it is working perfectly!


Joomla 4.4.5
php 8.1



I tested the latest download version of this module on vm2.0.24 and it is working perfectly!

Apologies for any confusion I caused.

Joomla 4.4.5
php 8.1


Hello VirtueArtcz, can I ask something ? (mam problem a jsem z nej uz nestastny). I am trying to make multilangual site .... I have downloaded vm2 cart ... when I add a product to the basket .... and I want to check out ... (obsah kosiku) ... I have for English language the right url like (href="/en/eshop-led-osvetleni/led-lighs/led-ceiling-lights/cart.html) but for the czech language (and another) I have url like href="/cs/component/virtuemart/cart.html?Itemid=0". Could You help me please ? I know joomla and virtuemart a bit but this is too much for me. I have another thing to ask if it is possible ... if I upgrade to vn 2.0.24 - vm2 cart loose the backgroug (doesn no load the url("/modules/mod_vm2cart/botct.png) - have ou heard about this ?
Diky predem. Thank You in advance.


Hi Peetee, Please use English only in this forum. (pro ceskou podporu pouzijte helpdesk)  :)  Please provide website url. Thank you.


I have problem, the cart overview is displayed on the right side of the page and not underneath the cart amount