Can't edit the store? Nothing saves? How to become a vendor

Started by jenkinhill, March 09, 2012, 21:42:39 PM

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Error message:  Your Virtuemart installation contains an error: No user as marked as vendor   ???

To edit the store and to save many settings of VirtueMart such as currency you have to be a Vendor.

In the VM backend, under Shop if you don't see a Vendor tab or config will not save it is because you did not identify your Super User account as a Vendor.

As the first registered Superuser (you set up Joomla did you not?) go to the VirtueMart control panel, In Configuration/Shop enable Administrated Multivendor then go to Orders & Shoppers/Shoppers, put a check in the box in front of your account and click on the green vendor button.

Now when you edit the Store you will see a Vendor tab to add/edit your store information. Deselect multivendor if you are the only store manager.

. From 2.0.18 onwards a new way to assign a Vendor was added. Go to Tools/Tools and Migration. Select the Migration tab.
For the option "Write here the new store owner id" enter the Joomla userid of the vendor (get this from the Joomla user manager). Then click on the Set store owner button.

If no button is working you could have a JavaScript problem due to some 3rd party addon, like the button plugin for Simple Image Gallery Pro or the Azrul mambot. See FAQ here
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Importent addendum:
Please look in your vm config "/administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=config" and check the setting for "Enable Multivendor". Vm2 has  a different behaviour according to these settings.

"Enable Multivendor": none
Vm2 has a multi administrated single vendor mode. This means, that in the single vendor mode many administrators can handle the store.
Important is that only one of your Superadministrators is set as vendor. When other administrators log in, then they are automatically mapped to the vendor with id = 1.

Somehow the system lost the reference between the joomla user and the vm vendor.
You can see this when you enable the "administrated multivendor" and take a look on your shopper list. Now you see there an extra Column "user is vendor". Here you can enable joomla users/shoppers being vendors. Dont use this atm, it is experimental. But you can see here if there is something wrong with the tables.
In the single vendor mode there should be only one icon green and the rest should be red. Other administrators who should act as the main vendor should NOT be registered as vendors! You will notice, even when they are not vendors, but administrators, then they see in the shop information the data of the user which is activated as vendor and mapped to vendor with 1.

You must just take care that only one user is activated as vendor. To achieve this and to be certain to get a mapping to the vendorId = 1, enable the multivendor mode. Go in your users list, enable your desired shopowner as vendor. Before you edit this user now, you must set the "enable multivendor" to "none" again. Then logout,.. login as the desired shopowner, go in the shop config and you should have your vendor tab. Enter your data and store it. The tables should be fixed now. When the problem persists, you must manually fix the tables with phpmyadmin.
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