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DB function failed with error number 1054

Started by bahattab, March 04, 2012, 15:08:55 PM

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dose any one know , what is that error ?

200 - An error has occurred.

No valid database connection: DB function failed with error number 1054
Unknown column 'c.category_name' in 'field list' SQL=SELECT as jfc_id, jfc.reference_id as jfc_refid, jfc.value as titleTranslation, jfc.modified as lastchanged, jfc.published as published, jfc.language_id, jfl.title as language, jfc.original_text as original_text, c.virtuemart_category_id as id, c.virtuemart_category_id, c.category_name as title, c.category_name FROM jos_jf_content as jfc LEFT JOIN jos_virtuemart_categories as c ON c.virtuemart_category_id=jfc.reference_id LEFT JOIN jos_languages as jfl ON jfc.language_id=jfl.lang_id WHERE c.virtuemart_category_id IS NULL AND jfc.reference_field='category_name' AND jfc.reference_table='virtuemart_categories' AND jfc.language_id=1 LIMIT 0, 0