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Report: Shopper Field List problem

Started by lipes, March 01, 2012, 16:22:29 PM

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Hi again. I'm in VM2.0.2 with J2.5.1

I'm trying to change some "Shopper Field List"

I've clicked in the checkbox of the row
|x|   12   middle_name    Middle Name    text
|x|   13   last_name    Last Name    text
because i want that Users display all the Names in only one field (that will be the row 11 )

The problem is when i've clicked to UNPUBLISH the rows 12 and 13 (it could be more) to the options:
Required    Published    Show in registration form    Show in shipment form    Show in account maintenance

this option has no effect and continues all the same! Does not disable anything....

Could someone solve this for next version, please?
VM V. online: J2.5.14 | VM 2.0.20a | SQL 5.1.70 | PHP 5.3.25