Received no order info and my orders are blank - but the payment came through

Started by kyteasdale, February 20, 2012, 15:57:01 PM

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Hi all

Firstly - can someone confirm which email address the store would use to send through the details of a clients' order, because I have only received an email from paypal.  I've checked every possible inbox but nothing

Secondly, the Orders page is blank.  I have had several orders through and put some in myself, but none are being displayed - yet the customer can see their order through the confirmation page.

I'm using VM2 & J1.7

I don't have this on another site where I'm using the 2.0.1VM - but I'm guessing I can't install that without having to recreate the entire shop


u install the latest right on top of 2.0.0

it does not deletethe shop/products etc.


Thanks mate - that's reassuring.  Hoping that the order will be there when I've done this as I'm guessing the information HAS to be somewhere!

I'm guessing there's nothing obvious about the issue I'm experiencing and you'd advise upgrading to the dev version