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How to restrict shopping cart display

Started by mabeall32, November 23, 2011, 04:08:32 AM

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I need to either not show prices in the shopping cart or not allow to add to shopping cart until log-in.  I have tried different setting in the config -> checkout screen.  but nothing seems to change.  Any help will be appreciated.

On VM - Shopping Cart module, select "No" on Show Price to turn off price on each product items (but the total cost is still available)

At current version of VM 2 (1.9.8.RC-2M), event you checked to "Only registered users can checkout" of Shop configuration, VM is also allow user add product to cart. I think we should "hack" to VM to have your feature :)
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I went to the VM - Shopping Module and set to "Show Product Price" to No   and it didn't work.  I still see prices if not log-on.  (How can I attach a pic of my settings, everytime I try to attach something it just set there.  I have to leave and come back rekey my reply and post.  do I need to have that feature enabled?)


I managed to show prices only for registered users.
the issue I have is that when a non registered user clicks on add to cart, then he sees there all prices.
any hint to prevent this?


I modified the php for the product detail default.php to test for registered users and if not registered not to show "add to cart". It requires to do it release but my user doesn't want them to see prices unless they are registered users.


can you send me the file or post the changed code here?