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VM only for registered shoppers

Started by Bijou, January 29, 2012, 17:33:56 PM

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Since Im doing wholesale shop i dont want public acces, i want grant access to qualified shoppers and then they can surf in the shop and buy, I dont show how to do this in VM2 in WM1X it was possible to do it,  Can someone please explain me how to this in VM2 and J1.7? , any hint  would be very appreciated


Can anyone help please? im still dealing with this  :'(


I'd use Joomla 1.7/2.5's ACL to do that, eg create a wholesaler Joomla group with their own access level to the VM menu items.
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Thank you for your reply, Could explain how to do that or point me to a tutorial or thread that explainit step bu step? I tried but it seems its not working, im not expert with J1.7 ,  thank you


I managed it that prices are only shown for registered users.
The issue I have is, if someone clicks on add to cart and is not registered then the shopper sees the price in the cart.
Any Idea to prevent this?


I am having the same issue, any ideas please??