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Product Price VM1 compared to VM2 - issue

Started by enock, February 14, 2012, 02:41:57 AM

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In VM1 after you setup VAT you type into Product Price (Net) and VAT would be calculated to Product Price (Gross) - same in VM2
- OR you could add the Gross price and VM1 would calculate Net price - excellent - this is how people work - sell it for $70 and get the computer to calculate $63.63636 as the Net price.

VM2 - now you have to get your calculator out to work out the Net price as I can see no way to add Gross price and have VM2 do the work.

Is there a setting I'm missing here? If this is how it works it is a large step back from VM1

Joe Sixpack

that would also interest me ...

It's terrible, so I have to calculate a few hundred entries with a pocket calculator? My dear...  :o
that's not at all a sinfull "new feature"