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Taxes - How to Rule a percentage instead of fixed value

Started by john-doe, February 09, 2012, 23:23:30 PM

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I'm really new in VirtueMart so i've been testing it around and looks like a good option for an e-shop.

I have a problem regarding Taxation. The space related about it is configured to set the tax in a fixed value.
The problem is than in my country the tax is a Percentage of the price of the item.

For example. The taxation is 16% of VAT. When i add 16% at the box of taxes it reads me than the tax is 16 and not 16%, so when i need to set the price of the item for instance 1000$ instead of marking me 1160% it marks 1016$.

I really need an answer about how to manage prices and taxation since i'm not used to do this kind of stuff and teach it to my customer so he can add his products.

Thanks in advance.


?? you choose %- instead of just - in the mathematical options?
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I guess i had a Rookie mistake. I had the wortng mathematical operation.

However. I changed a problem with other.

Now i set the tax rule but the price doesnt show as i must. (Price + VAT)

Since i tried most of the modifiers i still don't see the price as needed, since the VAT And the default option i set before the adjustment (price modifier for Pmargin)
Other thing is The rule doesnt show when i need to apply it on the product.

Thanks in advance


Well i found part of my answer here

Now i have a problem with the price.

As soon as i set the rule the price is set as it must BUT i need to hide the Tax quantity, so the final price must be shown With taxes. I set unpublished to the tax rule but the tax is removed from the fianl price.

How can I hide the Tax quantity, and make visible ONLY the final price with the tax added?

Tanks in advance