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Started by robertcorsescott, January 24, 2012, 07:19:03 AM

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Hi Can you please tell me if this is the standard login area for vm2?
To me the "forgot your username" and "forgot your password" are around the wrong way, or under the incorrect box???

Also I cant find the VM module to display a login module and turn this off, is this possible?

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Look I don't think that is the log in area - That just appears above the cart but you can turn it off on Configuration and set a "module" lingin module an put it on the left position like normal.
I found that you can login there to the shop but for me I found that this did not gve me 100% access like the old MV1. 

IN VM1 I could login to Virtuemart from the front - it would give me admin and access to virtuemart as well.  When you log in from the front now I see that products are hard to edit or No stratight admin access.
You have to create on for yourself.

I created a front end access - straight to virtuemat admin by logging into joomla from the back>> find the virtuemat component>>copy the URL or the actual shop>>Make a menu link for an extenal site>>paste the link in here and make the menu visible for registed people only>> thus now just login from the front>>the menu item for virtuemartt appears and presto you are in the shop.

* Now if some on wants to show me an easier way or a module that I can turn on like the old VM1 login to the show - please reply.

* also Sometimes you set up a shop for a customer _ you don't want them fooling around in Joomla - even with limited access-


thanks for the reply, the older version had all the modules packed into a zip folder when downloading VM, I just can not find all the modules for VM2.
Any Ideas.

Also do you know if there are other payment and shopping plugins coming. I sort of regret installing vm2 for this client as I dont think it is 100% ready to go. Maybe I am wrong so if someone can point me in the right direction would be appreciated


The modules are installed with the aio component part of the install package. There is no mod_login_vm as it now uses Joomla's login.

More payment plugins are now becoming available from third party developers, it is only 5 weeks since release of the VM2 component. There will be many more before Joomla 1.5 goes end of life in April.
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There are already at least 5 paymentplugins in the pipe.

John. There is a start of the FE edit in the 2.0.1 version. But it is just not done yet.
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Great that makes sense with the joomla login an vm working together.
So when someone registers now, it show the joomla rego area.
How does this work? Would the customer just fill in shipping details in the shopping cart on checkout?